What is high and low temperature test

What is high and low temperature  test  high and low temperature test
Temperature change test project name: temperature change, temperature cycle, temperature alternating, rapid temperature change, temperature shock, cold and thermal shock, temperature gradient, classification temperature and so on. Moreover, the test methods applied in the standards of different systems are different. How to distinguish these test items and how to choose test items need to analyze the sources of each type of test and their differences.

Plastic is the world's most used and widely used production raw materials, and is closely related to our lives, small plastic toys in our lives, household appliances, large building materials, spacecraft accessories and so on. Every plastic product from the production line to our lives will do a lot of reliability tests.

There are many types of plastics, such as pp,pe,pet,pc,pc+abs,abs, etc., different plastics have different characteristics, so different plastics made of products may do different kinds or the same kind of reliability tests under different conditions. Today we roughly talk about the types of reliability tests that plastic shells need to do.