What Is Mask Making Machine - Full Automatic Production Line

Full automatic face mask production line is composed of one body machine and one ear loop welding machine. The body machine is responsible for the production of the mask body, and the ear loop welding machine is responsible for the welding of the earloop.
After the body machine makes the mask body, it is output through a small belt and then automatically sent to the earloop welding machine. The earloop welding machine automatically cuts the earloop and welds it to the mask body through the principle of ultrasonic waves, manufactures the finished outlet mask, which is collected by the receiving conveyor belt.Speed 90 - 110pcs/min.

Main Mechanical Structure
The full automatic face mask production line can be devided into 3 parts: the mask body machine, earloop welding machine and receiving conveyor belt. This 3 parts were assembled together to make up a whole production line.

1. Mask body machine
    The body machine is the main part of the mask machine. It is responsible for producing the main part of the mask, welding the three or four layers of raw materials together, and implanting the bridge of the nose. This part including a material frame with four material support shafts.
    The body machine can be matched with ear loop welding  machine to complete the production of flat masks.

    According to different requirement of mask size, we provide 3 types of mask body machine:
          For adult use face mask, the size is 175*95mm
          For child use face mask, the size is 145*95mm
          For little baby use face mask, the size is 125*80mm

2. Ear loop welding machine
    High-speed ear loop welding machine, automatically cut and weld the earloop to the mask body, using 8 high-speed servo motors, speeds up to 90-110 pieces/min, using square spot welding head, spot welding position is accurate and firm, simple structure, performance stable. And the use of super large exhaust fan, rapid heat dissipation, to ensure the stability of ultrasonic welding. It is commonly used in supporting body machines to form a 1+1 high-speed mask production line. Can also be used stand-alone.

3. Receiving conveyor belt
    This part is behind the ear loop welding machine, to collect the finished masks. There could be a packging machine or sertilization device get connected in the end of the conveyor belt. By adjust the speed and stop time of the conveyor belt to achieve the the requirement of packing, 1piece in a package or 10 pieces in a package.
Produce process
Put three layers of raw materials, put nose bridge, automatic feeding, folding, nose line cutting/feeding, hemming, forming welding, automatic slicing, automatic sending to Earloop welding machine, automatic conveying mask piece, automatic cutting ear strap, automatic welding, automatic output of finished mask, automatic collection.
(Full Automatic Production Line)

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