What is PCB board three-point bending test machine

PCB board three-point bending test machine

This testing machine is suitable for optoelectronic industries such as PCB circuit board, mobile phone glass, tablet computer glass, display function glass panel, LCD panel, capacitive screen cover, sapphire glass, glass lens, tempered glass, mobile phone cover and so on. It can test the physical properties of various thin and flat materials such as PCB circuit boards and finished and semi-finished products, such as three-point bending resistance, four-point bending resistance, static pressure test, macular test, shearing, etc. Tensile, compressive, tensile, compressive, bending, tearing, peeling, adhesion, shearing and other tests.

HZ-1007C Single Column Servo Tensile Testing Machine

PCB board three-point bending test machine

Used for three-point bending test of PCB board with force value between 1-1000n

Mainly implement GB/T2423.60-2008 electronic product strength test methods and standards,
 test speed: 10mm/min

Obtain the maximum force, flexural strength and yield strength of the product
Effective testing width:400mm (can be widened)
Testing speed:From 0.001 to 500mm/min  
Accurate:1 grade /0.5 grade