what is Valve Endurance Life Testing Machine

Valve Endurance Life Testing Machine adopts touch screen man-machine interface and PLC programmable controller to form the control core. The mechanical part is simple and easy to operate. According to the basic types, technical requirements, test methods and inspection rules of liquefied petroleum gas cylinder valves, it is suitable for working temperature - 40℃-60℃, the valve on the liquefied petroleum gas cylinder with the nominal working pressure of 2.5 MPa.


GB7512-2017 LPG cylinder valve    

Technical Parameters

control method touch screen
count range 0-999999
Torque range 0~50N·M
Torque accuracy Level 0.5 (5% of displayed value)
Test frequency About 10 times/min
Valve self-closing detection gap times adjustable
The initial air pressure can be set, and it will automatically alarm and stop if it exceeds the set air pressure range If the air pressure is exceeded, it will automatically alarm and stop
Fixture customization: standard A set (customized according to the sample)
Lower clamp with vent holes Can withstand 2.5Mpa pressure
Motor Power 200W
power supply 220V, 50Hz

Equipment maintenance and troubleshooting
Maintenance matters:
1) The instrument must be placed on a level table or ground before use;
2) It is not allowed to mess with the machine during the test;
3) Select the corresponding power supply voltage, do not be too high, so as not to burn out the components;
4) When the instrument is abnormal, please contact our company to deal with it in time;
5) There must be a good ventilation environment when the machine is working;
6) After each test, clean the machine and keep the machine clean.
1) If there is no display when the power is turned on, it means that the power is not connected or the power indicator is damaged. If the power indicator is damaged, it must be replaced. If there is no power output from the power terminal, please check the power cord or power socket.
2) If the power is turned on, the power indicator light indicates, and the machine does not work by pressing the test button. Please check whether the relay is disconnected or disconnected. If there is a disconnection or disconnection, please connect it in time. If there is no disconnection or disconnection The situation indicates that the relay is damaged and needs to be replaced.
3) When the test reaches the set number of times, the machine still does not stop working, indicating that the control part of the machine is damaged, please contact our company in time.