What Is Mask Making Machine - 3/4 Ply Mask Production Line - Part 1

              Mask Body Making Machine
Ultrasonic mask machine, which is also called Mask Making Machine, is used for automatic production multilayer material flat mask finished product of the machine, you can use 1 ~ 3 layers of PP spun-bonded non-woven activated carbon and filtration material, the entire process from raw material into the expected nose line inserted, sealing side, the cutting finished product are a line automation work, according to the use of different raw materials, can achieve different standards such as FFP2. The equipment has stable performance, high yield, low defect rate and is easy to operate. Face mask machine plus several external ear mask machine.


Machine size 3300 (L) *900 (W) *1980 (H) mm
Electric voltage 220V
Capacity 120-150 PCS/min
Frequency ratio 20 KHZ
Power 2.2KW
Electric current 12A
Fabric dimension suggestion
Outer layer 175mm blue non-woven fabric
Middle layer 175mm melt blown fabric
Inner layer 195mm white non-woven fabric

Characteristics and Performance:
Automatic feeding system:
1) Aluminum alloy frame, strong and beautiful, to ensure the size of finished products accurate;
2) Stainless steel fixture, adjustable from left to right;
3) Set the tensioning wheel, adjust the tensioning degree of the fabric, so as to effectively ensure the beauty and flatness of the finished product;
4) Independent nose line conveying group for easy adjustment and maintenance.

Ultrasonic thermal bonding system:
1. Titanium alloy mold
In most mask machinery manufacturers use aluminum alloy, force show mask machine has been provided and actively advocate the use of titanium alloy mold, because of the relative to aluminum alloy oxidation, explosive Crack, not suitable for a long time of rush operation, short service life and other shortcomings, the advantages of titanium alloy is obvious:
  A. Good toughness, suitable for long time vibration;
  B. The thermal/ultrasonic conductivity is strong, which guarantees the beautiful welding and cutting effect of the product.
  C. High hardness, not easy to crack, deformation and rust;
  D. Although its cost is about ten times different from that of aluminum alloy, from the perspective of the whole production benefit, the choice of titanium alloy mold is obviously better than aluminum alloy.
2. Imported ultrasonic transducer, 20K international frequency standard, more powerful and stable output; Together with two sets of ultrasonic system, effectively ensure the product welding quality.
3. PLC program controls the movement of the whole machine to reduce the operation difficulty of users.

Discharge System
1. One-time molding products, improve the production speed
2. Product discharging position, roller roller, convenient for finished products to enter the container smoothly, easy to arrange and stack, save time and effort for the next process of ear band welding.

Alarm System:
The machine has stable performance, continuous adjustable production speed, high production efficiency, up to 180 pieces per minute, convenient and accurate counting, high raw material utilization, simple and convenient operation and adjustment, high degree of automation, effectively reduce labor costs.

This machine is equipped with red, orange and green alarm
1. Red light: when the red light is on, the device will alarm
2. Orange light: the equipment stops running and the orange light is on
3. Green light: the equipment is running and the green light is on.

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