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window air conditioner is a type of air conditioning unit that is designed to be installed in a window or a wall opening. It is a popular choice for cooling single rooms or small spaces, such as apartments, bedrooms, and offices. 




Small Room Window

ACs (50-300 SQ FT)

Medium Room Window

ACs (300-600 SQ FT)

Large Room Window

ACs(+600 SQ FI)


The basic design of a window air conditioner consists of an enclosed unit containing a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. The unit is typically mounted in a window or a wall opening, with the front of the unit facing inside the room and the back of the unit facing outside.

To operate a window air conditioner, you typically need to plug it into an electrical outlet and turn it on. The unit will then draw in warm air from the room, cool it using the refrigeration cycle, and release the cool air back into the room.

Window air conditioners come in a range of sizes and cooling capacities to suit different room sizes and cooling needs. They are generally affordable and easy to install, but they can be noisy and may not be as energy-efficient as other types of air conditioning units, such as central air conditioning systems or ductless mini-split systems.
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Q1: What is your warranty ?

        A: 12 months product warranty, but lifetime for services. Free Non-consumable components will be                            provided if any performance failure occurs within 12 months caused by non-human damage.


        Q2: How-to video provided ?

         A: Yes. If required, our engineers will record a specialized how-to video for you.


        Q3: Are your company a trading one or a factory?

         A: Yes, we are a manufactured factory* trade (integration).15 years focusing on test instruments field. 6 years exporting experience, warmly welcome to visit our plant (factory), we also support OEM and ODM.


        Q4: After an order is placed, when to deliver?

         A: Generally about 25 days. If we have inventory, we can arrange shipment within 7 days. Please be aware that our production lead times depend on specific items and item quantities.


         Q5: What about the after-sales service and product’s quality?

          A: 12 months warranty. After the warranty, the professional after-sale service team will provide perfect technical support, and help customer solve problems encountered while using our product, handles guest problems and complaints professionally and timely. All instruments must be carried out 100% quality examination and test when shipping and delivery goods. Product use training, each of our product provide video training to show you how to install & operate. Engineers would be gone abroad to training, repair and others help you need.


       Q6: what about the packing of equipment?

         A: Covered with air bubble film before put the machine into the standard exporting wooden case, which not only has good shock absorption, impact resistance, heat SSO has the advantages of nontoxic, odorless, moisture corrosion, good transparency etc.


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